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What I Eat In A Day to Stay HEALTHY (with Recipes)

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Hello Everyone. Here is a What I Eat in a Day. I normally have 2-3 meals per day. My body is used to eating a clean and healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. If you try the above full day of eating, you may find that you require more food to feel satiated. That’s fine! When I was transitioning to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, if I was still hungry I often had any of the above meals multiple times in a day. Some days your body is hungrier than others, just listen to it!

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I am here to be myself, and by doing so I hope to inspire others to do the same. For me, the most empowering things have all come from realizing who I am and who I am not. I plan to share with you all the things I do in order to be happy and healthy:)

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