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Full Day of Eating | Indian Bodybuilding Diet Plan with Exact Macros & Calorie Calculation Chart

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TOP 5 INDIA SPECIFIC hacks to save money AND build LEAN muscle at the same time ON A LOW BUDGET. Be CHEAP but Be Lean and STRONG. Let’s face it. The biggest downside to exercising for lean muscle, is that you need to spend a tonne of money. Bodybuilding food in india is rather expensive, unfortunately. But there are ways to create a cheap bodybuilding diet IN INDIA, if you’re smart about it.
Protein is the essence of bodybuilding (building lean muscle mass, not bulky muscles). And protein is the most expensive kind of macronutrient. Today’s video is basically a collection of ideas that I’ve gathered from my own experiences. Today we’re talking about bodybuilding on a budget. But more over BODYBUILDING ON A BUDGET for the average INDIAN. Today i’m dishing out gymming advice and DIET ADVICE for the average Indian gymmer. All about dat Indian bodybuilding diet yo.
There is an ART to saving money while putting on muscle and that’s what I wanna share with you guys. A cheap bodybuilding meal plan is honestly one of the reasons i’ve gymmed for so long. You should definitely hit the play button if you’re a guy OR GIRL trying to build lean muscle mass. So next time you’re back form your gym, maybe you’ll look at the beautiful Indian food differently. There’s cheap high protein food items all around us.

One of my most requested and most researched videos is finally live. INDIAN MEN AND WOMEN EVERYWHERE, take a look. Share it with your gym buddies! ☺

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