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Insulin Does NOT Build Muscle | #RXRants |

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Dave Palumbo has HAD IT with misinformation and misleading perceptions on insulin and what insulin does to build muscle.

What is insulin?
What exactly does it do?
What does it do for bodybuilders?

Dave explains.

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5 thoughts on “Insulin Does NOT Build Muscle | #RXRants |

  1. also you dont need insulin to activate any glut except glut 4 so your
    talking bollocks about insulin being required to feed your liver/brain

  2. So the use of exogenous GH without the use of exogenous insulin will create
    an imbalance in your body… how about the use of IGF-1 only? Will the fact
    it binds to insulin receptors upset the balance as well? Or can you reap
    the anabolic effects of igf without worrying about having to mess with
    exogenous slin?

  3. Hey Dave. Great video! Question: they say that Hgh is the only hormone that
    can create “new” muscle tissue. Not just increase the size like aas. Is
    that done through the production of igf-1 stimulation as well?

  4. Dave.
    I consider you to be 1 of the most credible sources of information on
    thanks for this video brother

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