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How To Spot Reduce Fat | Fat Loss Series

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What I learned during my 10 day intensive training + nutrition course with Mark Carroll, head of global education and head coach at Clean Health Fitness Institute in Sydney. How to spot reduce fat on your legs! If you’re still a little confused, read the below caption to help you out!

Hybrid Fat Loss Method taught by Mark Carroll from his Instagram page @coachmarkcarroll:

When it comes to fat loss physiology there are 3 key steps. .
1 – Mobalisation, 2 – transportation, 3 – oxidation .
Without these steps, fat loss does not occur. Mobalisation involves our stress hormones rising and mobilising stored energy from our cells aka fatty acids. Transportation involves the fatty acids being transported through the blood stream by the use of the transporting protein albumin, then oxidation involves the fatty acids being converted to energy (burnt off) in our muscle and liver cells. .
So the hybrid method. We have 2 key fat cell receptors. Alpha ( stubborn fat) and beta ( easy to oxidise fat). The hybrid method involves both HIIT and also steady state cardio. The reason for this is simple, our alpha receptors block the body from coming in and using that fat as fuel. Hence it being our stubborn fat sites! Simply dieting will allow beta receptor sites to be burnt off easily. But the stubborn fat stays there! This is why to inhibit (turn down) the alpha receptor site, we need HIIT. HIIT leads to a large rise of stress hormones which inhibits alpha receptors. This allows us to pull the fat from the sites finally and into the blood stream. .
The issue is, HIIT does not allow us to oxidise (burn off) the stubborn fat. We need to combine the now mobilised stubborn fat with steady state. SS, can not inhibit alpha receptors, but it definitely can oxidise the fatty acids. So simply the key is to do HIIT, to allow us to mobilise the fatty acids, as HIIT will turn down alpha receptor sites. Then we rest for 5 minutes to allow for the transportation of fats through the blood stream. Then finally, we do steady state cardio to finally burn off that stubborn fat! This is the hybrid method! Swipe right for my protocol .
I always suggest using this method in your final 3-4 weeks of a fat loss block. Don’t use it right away and play all your cards at once!

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  1. Hey, I’m trying to concentrate on what you’re say however the background music is driving me nuts 🥜 lol x

  2. The only way to lose fat -> reduce energy supply, increase burn of calories, thus your body has a deficit. Also building up muscles increases the burn of calories: the bigger muscles, the higher burn of calories. Don’t forget: stop eating white carbohydrates, they are useless. Also, don’t expect that you look like Madalin after few weeks, it can take months/years depending on your weight/fat/ the way how your body burns calories. Good luck& be disciplined.

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