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Healthy DOSA recipe for weight loss | Protein dosa |

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Hello Friends ,
This is Shyam Sawant and I welcome to my channel – Power of Nutrition

In this video I will show you Mouth-Watering and super healthy Dosa Recipe that will give you a healthy start to your day. Skip to 1:40 to directly see the main preparation if you wish.
‘Dosa’ is listed on the World’s 50 most Delicious Foods and by making it in the way I have shown here, it will also give a boost to its nutritional value.
Main Ingredients used:
1) Whole Oats
2) Soya chunk
3) Rava (Semolina)
4) Greek yogurt / Regular Dahi

Nutritional value:
1) Rich in Protein
2) Source of good complex carbohydrate for energy through the day
3) Source of Vitamins and Minerals

You can also add peanut or pumpkin seeds to get good healthy fats also including omega 3 which is good for brain and heart

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