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Fat Loss Diet Foods

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Fat loss diet foods which you must eat and those which you must avoid to reach your fat loss goals. All meals are not created equal so how to decide which foods are right for you. Should you avoid dairy and fruit? What is the best science based fat loss diet? This is not a video of what I eat in a day, but instead how to determine the best approach to fat loss.

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7 thoughts on “Fat Loss Diet Foods

  1. It’s a balance when dieting. This video is accurate. Paul always has great content with great people. As a personal trainer I don’t say diet i just say eating less managing my eating. Eating whole foods less junk food. Just eat like a human is suppose to eat meat, veggies and fruits nothing man made simple. Eating clean whole foods I can eat more.

  2. Paul I’m 47 and my nephew who is 35 and is a personal trainer and nutritionist are in a contest against each other to see after 12 weeks who will be the leanest and have the least body fat . I’ve done this before with other people to help get me back into shape , he is like a machine and me well the last 7 weeks I’ve been dragging because I’m not recovering fast enough and work from 7 to 3pm , so I’m tired all the time , but it’s August 1 and I’ve got 4 weeks left to rev it up , or I’m going to lose 500 dollars on this contest , any quick advice ? Other than don’t eat lol oh I love carrots are they bad for dieting?

    1. carrots are great, low calorie high volume. Don’t starve yourself. you need to eat well so you can train hard. To push to be the leanest you can in a short time I would get on a cardio machine like the stair master I don’t love it at times but nothing burns calories like that damn thing. You need to have a balance of protein, carbs and fats just stick to predictable foods.

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