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Calisthenics VS Bodybuilding (Upper Body Muscles!)

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In this video FitnessFAQs will be covering calisthenics vs bodybuilding exercises. You’ll learn how to isolate the triceps, biceps, chest, rear delts, traps and forearms using both bodyweight exercises and weights. Both calisthenics and weight training are effective options for building muscle..

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9 thoughts on “Calisthenics VS Bodybuilding (Upper Body Muscles!)

    1. ​+JesuslovesU! well I was doing some pull up at age of 9 to 14, worked out some from 16-18, did some BBW for a few month, then dopped of training for few years until I began with BBR. So I supposed I had some strength, expreiance in there. 6’8, 75 kg I was at start, now soon 90 kg. Ofc some of the exersize is really hard, like rear delt fly… god damn. And with the targeted exersize for weaker spots it helped me improve faster.
      So this program works wonders, you get really motivated when you begin increase in reps.

  1. Hi !

    Who can answer me?
    On the videos of Daniel, why on the movements of push, the shoulders are unlocked and therefore the open shoulder blades, it brings no conflict, or on solicitation of the previous deltoid?

    Thank you

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