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014: Patellar Tendinopathy Supplements/Tips, Best Cardio for Fat Loss-PJF Podcast

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3:00-Inner Game of Tennis(Mental Training)
14:25- Research Breakthroughs
14:42-Supplements and exercise for Patellar tendinopathy and achilles tendonitis
23:55-Training causes fatigue in opposite limb
35:24-Training Fast twitch fibers with Heavy vs light weight
41:00-Partial Range of Motion Squats Beneficial?
45:30- Eat Fat to burn fat + best cardio for fat loss




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7 thoughts on “014: Patellar Tendinopathy Supplements/Tips, Best Cardio for Fat Loss-PJF Podcast

  1. After reading that first journal entry on collagen synthesis, do you think its beneficial to recommend athletes to incorporate gelatin and vitamin C into their diets and/or add it to their meal planning? Or, would you suggest its only useful for athletes developing or suffering from a tendonitis issue? Or, do you think most athletes get enough of those items in their diet already, i would assume not though, especially gelatin in a western diet.

    1. It’s a tricky question. You may be able to find more information on this from various podcasts with Dr. Keith Baar. Firstly, it’s not yet known whether gelatin per se has the effect or any protein containing the constituent amino acids (glycine, lysine, and proline) as no comparison studies between gelatin and other forms of proteins exist at the moment. Regarding Vit C (if planning on supplementing with collagen/ gelatin), it’s a relatively small dose (a glass of orange juice would do) and usually necessary in the morning (nights deplete Vit C in the body); if you’ve eaten foods containing Vit C and supplement in the afternoon, Vit C is usually not important.
      The determined protocol is to take the supplement or gelatin 1h before a light and quick session.
      Hope that helps

  2. I love the point you brought up about training your weaker side first when doing a single leg or arm exercise and I find myself starting off on the stronger side and then as you mentioned, fatiguing and not being able to complete the same amount of reps on the weaker side due to CNS weakness and going into the movement immediately rather than taking a short pause

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